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Halloween costumes for kids, adults and pets

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It’s that time of year again, when kids get to dress up in Halloween costumes and go door to door begging for candy, most of which won’t be eaten until the following Halloween due to the sheer volume of sugar. The holiday has undergone something of a renaissance over the years, and now dressing up isn’t just reserved solely for the little ones. It now not completely uncommon to see parents and pooches getting in on the act, and with that in mind, the types of costumes available has also changed with the times.halloween costumes for girls

Of course, the classic kid’s Halloween costumes are still as popular as ever, and some of the costumes that were around when I was young are still a hit with the wee ones today. You’ll still see little girls dressed as Halloween costumes for boysballerinas and fairies, and boys with their scary vampire capes, soldier camouflage and superhero get ups, but that also evolves as animated movies seem to be more popular than ever, meaning that you get to see some new movie character costumes each and every year.

For adults, the costumes range from the sublime to the ridiculous, and many of them have become more than a little risqué. Sexy costumes have become very popular among the ladies, and every adult Halloween party always has its fair share of short-skirted nurses and busty female cops that the average guy would be more than happy to receive a ticket from. There are also some sexy costumes for the guys, but it’s hard to look hot with a beer gut hanging out, so a lot of the male costumes tend to be on the humorous side. There has also been a rise in couples costumes, as partners and spouses love to go out as a matching pair from a movie, or in a funny couple’s costume, which once again is usually sexual in nature; think of the plug and socket costume to get an idea of what I mean.halloween costumes for your pets

Perhaps the strangest change to Halloween has been the growing trend of putting the family pet in halloween costume. The poor little guys always look miserable in their little outfits, but as they probably realize that there are treats at the end of it, they go along with our madness. Among the favorites for dog halloween costumes are those that make the pup look like he is a short little character standing on two legs when viewed from the front, but owners also seem to really enjoy dressing up their miniature dogs as larger, far more ferocious animals.

Halloween is a time when we all get to let loose a little bit, and pretend that we are someone else for a day. It is perhaps that, more than anything, that has moved the holiday away from a night for the kids, and more towards a time when we can all get to chill and have fun for a little bit.

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