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Lindy chamberlain – is she an evil lady

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What really happened to Azaria Chamberlain? Is her mother Lindy an “evillady”?Azaria Chamberlain

“The fire of the day can change swiftly
To the night of startlingly cold,
Many legends are told of the people
Who live in this land so old.”

- Stella P. Bell from ‘The Legend of Bimi’

Legends being told of people ‘who live in this land so old’ could be directly referring to The Lindy Chamberlain case, which has taken its place among famous Australian legends. Firstly, the tragedy occurred in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, which embodies the spiritualism and mysticism of the Aborigine people, who are indigenous to Australia. Secondly, the Chamberlains are members of the little-known Seventh Day Adventist Church who supposedly sacrifice children to their Gods. And next the Aborigine trackers have an amazing Azaria Chamberlains familyability to follow animal and human tracks. These three facts all combine to make this a tale that will be told to generation after generation for many years. Oh, and let’s not forget the dingo………. without whom, the Chamberlains lives would never have been so rudely invaded and interrupted. And the leading roles go to the clowns in the Northern Territory government and the spineless Park Rangers for being the instigators of this dreadful foul up of justice.

Is Lindy Chamberlain an ‘evil lady’? Well, that is up to the individual after they have read this article. One of the biggest cases in Australian history when the dingo killed Lindy Chamberlain’s baby tore the country apart back in 1980 – and to this day, the Australian Herald Sun website still has people who either love or hate Lindy Chamberlain! ( It remains one of the most controversial tragedies in Australian history.

But despite the legendary value of this story, it remains very real to the Chamberlain family. From beginning to end, it was an absolute miscarriage of justice. The behavior Lindy Chamberlain and Azariaof the Northern Territory law enforcement officers and Park Rangers involved in the case leave much to be desired. Far from blaming anyone directly, this article will seek to show the truth of what happened on the night of August 17 1980 in a fair, unbiased manner. “Our family will always remember today as the day truth was dragged in the dirt and trampled upon,” said Lindy on the 30th Anniversary of her daughter’s disappearance. After spending 3 years in jail, Lindy harbors no animosity towards the government and the people who sent her to jail for murder. She only wants justice for Azaria and for the correct Cause of Death to be written on her Death Certificate – ie killed by a dingo.

Say the name Azaria or Lindy anywhere in the world and everyone will remember the case of ‘the dingo who took my baby’. Dingoes, Australia’s wild dog, have had thousands of reports written about them since the late 1970 / early 1980 when they hit the headlines for either attacking or killing children.  Most Australians will say that Dingoes are “harmless, mate, they just kill sheep”. But it is also known that “Their instinct to kill cannot be subdued” ( Dingoes do not have an easy time finding food in the dry, crackly climate of the Northern Territory in Australia. A common saying in the Northern Territory is “a dingo’s breakfast” which means no breakfast at all!

At the time Lindy and Michael Chamberlain were camping in the Ayers Rock National Park, unbeknown to them and many other people, there had been an official clampdown on dingo activity around the park as children were being attacked by dingoes at the rate of one a week! Imagine that ………. Imagine running a National Park while knowing the danger to Ayers rock azaria chamberlain diedyour patrons camping there – it is almost, but not quite, a kind of pre-meditated accident waiting to happen! However, Ayers Rock National Park was the top tourist venue in the Northern Territory and school holidays were starting soon – draw your own conclusion to what this means for the tourist industry!?

The dingoes, or one dingo in particular, predictably named, “Ding” was the local Ayers Rock staff pet. In fact, staff and tourists alike fed him and welcomed him into their camp sites and back yards and houses. The government of Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory acted swiftly and issued an order that no more feeding of dingoes should be allowed, and in their infinite wisdom, they naively assumed that the dingo would go and look for food elsewhere. Why would the dingo do that when he was used to being fed right where he was by the staff?! A couple of non-descript signs were put up in the park warning visitors not to feed the dingoes, but the signs made no mention about the potential danger of the dingoes!  Ironically, the Chamberlain’s eventually received AUD$1.3 million after Lindy was exonerated in 1986, although without a doubt, no amount of money can make up for the loss of a child, when it appears that a deliberate  and blatant disregard for the rules of justice occurred.

To get back to the precious, favored Ding – before the ban on feeding dingoes, he was fed and encouraged to come into the house of Ian Cawood, an Ayers Rock Ranger every night. Ding was a dingo with specific markings and hair the same colour as the red Australian soil. He also had a distinctive white band around his neck. Because no one was allowed to feed him, and it was winter, he was decidedly hungry. And being the pampered pet that he was, he began attacking children as he roamed freely around Ayers Rock. Eight weeks before Azaria was attacked, he savaged another child – the daughter of one of the staff members, Amanda Cranwell, but this was kept quiet until April 1984. To hush it up, the Park Ranger, Ian Cawood told the father that the dingo “had been dealt with”. The staff thought he had been shot and Ian did nothing to dispel these thoughts about their “family pet”.

In actual fact, Ian had taken Ding to a slaughterhouse 60km away where he was well-fed and looked after. However, Ding arrived back in Ayer’s Rock – either he had found his own way back, or an Aborigine tracker named Nipper Winmatti recognised him at the slaughterhouse and took him back to Ayers Rock, and, as they say, unfortunately the rest is history. Apparently nine people at the camp site confirmed having seen him after Ian had taken him away. Two specific witnesses picked him out from photos of Dingoes – remember he was big for his species and very red in colour, so he was easy to recognize.

As this horrific story unfolds, Lindy and Michael are eating dinner outside the tent around the camp fire with other people, while their children sleep inside the tenAzarias blood stained clothest. Lindy heard Azaria cry, and went back to the tent just in time to see a dingo run off “with something in his mouth”. “Michael, Michael, a dingo took my baby!” she shouts. Immediately everyone rallies around Lindy and Michael, while Park Rangers, Park staff, Frank Morris and his police from the Ayer’s Rock Police Station organize search parties. It is interesting to note here that the search parties were told not to search the Western areas – why? Maybe because the Park rangers’ homes were in that direction – the homes at which Ding felt comfortable and was bound to return to? At this point all the rangers knew about the previous dingo attacks, – and they knew who the culprit was. The only information the campers knew was that they were looking for a dingo which had taken a baby. Not once did any of them suspect the mother had murdered her own child.

During the 2½ hours of the fruitless search, the staff and officials needed to decide how they would handle this disaster, how they could cover-up their “guilt”. The directive not to feed dingoes should have been given with an alternative solution. At this time, not much was known about dingo habits and behaviour, but Ding was clearly a “domesticated” dingo. Another point that is often missed in stories about Azaria is that her brother Reagan who was 4 at the time, and who is now 35 (2010), assumed that his mother knew that he was not asleep and that he had felt the dingo walk over him that fateful night. However, Lindy only found that out by accident when talking to Reagan about another camping trip he had been on when he was 16. “He said he knew something really bad had happened and he was afraid it would get him, so he played dead. When I came into the tent he still wasn’t sure if it was safe, so he kept pretending,” says Lindy.

While the officials were conferring with the Northern Territory government and the campers were searching for a dingo with a human baby, other frantic activities were large dingotaking place in the backyard of Ian Cawood’s house. Yes, Ding had arrived there with Azaria in his mouth, presumably already dead from a broken neck after being violently swung from side to side. As soon as Val Cawood, Ian’s wife heard what had happened, she drove home from the club house. The Aborigine tracker had tracked Ding right to this backyard. His name was Nipper Winmatti and he was acting on instructions from the Chief Ranger Derek Roff. Derek had not been fully updated as to the seriousness of the situation. Ding was easy to track being bigger than the average dingo, and Nipper was a born natural to this kind of work. Being an Aborigine he had an affinity with the land and uncanny sixth sense abilities. Neither Val, nor her three friends who she called over to help her do what she was doing have ever told anyone what they did – if they did nothing suspicious, why don’t they tell / or why didn’t they tell – instead they contributed to the injustice of sending an innocent women to jail. And they have to live with that for the rest of their lives.

As mentioned in the beginning, Azaria’s body was still not recovered. There was no weapon and there was no reasonable motive. The government conducted an inquest into Azaria’s disappearance in February 1981 and concluded that Azaria was killed by a dingo. Nevertheless, in November 1981, the Northern Territory Supreme Court ordered a new inquest, which announced that Lindy would be going on trial for 1st Degree Murder, and Michael would be tried as an accessory after the fact.

So many things simply did not add up during the trial. The public and the media immediately dubbed Lindy as a murderer and people wore T-shirts reading “The dingo is innocent”. What a nightmare it must have been, what a circus.  Derek Roff was the Chief Ranger at Ayer’s Rock and he was the one who had requested Nipper Winmatti to find the dingo. But when questioned during the trial, he denied that he had asked for Winmatti’s assistance or that he had even seen Winmatti that night. And very significant is that Derek and Constable Morris were the two organisers who sent the searchers in every direction but West, which would have led to the staff houses. The three trackers involved in following Ding’s trail were Murray Haby (a Schoolteacher on holiday), Nipper Winmatti and Nui Menigerie. Each of them independently came to the same conclusion – Ding guilty, Lindy innocent.

Lindy was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour. What a devastating result. All because the government did not want to lose tourist money in the Northern Territory, as Ayer’s Rock, the spiritual home of the Aborigine’s, was the main attraction. After 3 terrible years in jail, finally in 1987 when Azaria’s matinee jacket had finally been found and subsequently hushed up, Senator Bob Collins presented the Northern Territory government with an ultimatum – free Lindy or else I print this story about the matinee jacket being hidden – the government finally did both. Fourteen months later after a Royal Commission of enquiry, the Chamberlains were cleared of any involvement in Azaria’s disappearance and death.

And still the saga continues …………….. in the Summer of 2004, an old man from Melbourne came forward to tell his story of how he and three friends, one of whom was an ex-convict, had found the dead baby Azaria seven days after she was taken from the tent by Ding. They were all too scared to come forward and tell the truth as they had shot the dingo as he sat down next to Azaria and this was illegal. The dingo was obviously not Ding. Another conspiracy of silence – like Val Cawood and her friends.

After more veils of secrecy and attempts to disguise the truth, it appears as if the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” is belatedly coming to the fore. What possesses people to lie under oath, how can they live with themselves after that? Of course there will always be conflicting versions and some people probably still think Lindy was guilty.

The governments’ case was very clever – it shows the influence that those in power have and it calls into question whether they should be entrusted with that power in tPicture of a dingohe first place? Ian Cawood has now admitted that before he helped with the search, he drove to known dingo lairs looking for Azaria.

And finally, one other person deserves to be mentioned in this travesty of justice, and that is Lee Harris, President of the Dingo Foundation of Australia. He later told an investigator that a dingo would take its prey to the home where he was most looked after, the home where he was treated as a pet. In addition, he said that a half-domesticated dingo would not permit anyone to take prey out of his mouth except his master. Surely this kind of information points straight away to the “murderer” – it is astounding how a family’s’ lives were manipulated because a few government officials were trying to themselves.

At the conclusion of the final inquest, Mr Barritt said to Lindy: “You have not only suffered the loss of your beloved child in the most tragic circumstances; but you have all been subjected to months of innuendos, suspicion, and probably the most malicious gossip ever witnessed in this country.” He also spoke very harshly about the Northern Territory police forensic unit on live television and greatly embarrassed them – that is the least they deserved!

So is Lindy Chamberlain an ‘evillady’? What do you think? Maybe Val Cawood and her friends are the “‘evilladies’?! Lindy does not fit the profile of an ‘evillady’, anLindy Chamberlaind there is no evidence linking her to the committing of the crime. Look at the facts: Firstly, during her trial, the Crown (in the Australian justice system the prosecutor is the Crown) only had circumstantial evidence – they had no confession, no body, no murder weapon, and no witnesses. It is possible that if this had occurred In America, the jury would have found her not guilty – no body equals no murder. Secondly, research shows that women who kill usually show ‘evil’ tendencies before the age of 13 years old. As Lindy had a normal happy childhood, and already had two other children Aidan, 6 and Reagan, 3 who were perfectly healthy and well adjusted, it is impossible to imagine her ‘turning into a monster’ simply to kill her own daughter. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Lindy could be categorized as an ‘evillady’. Thirdly, the Aborigine trackers found the footprints of the dingo that took Azaria, but it was hushed up by Frank Morris, the Constable at the Ayers Rock Police Station, with the help of the Northern Territory government. And later on, an old man found Azaria’s body seven days after she was taken from the tent. Case closed – almost!

Further anomalies include all the police’s non-existent investigative work – collecting forensic evidence. They took no photos at the crime scene, they moved the clothes when they were found, they turned them inside out, they touched everything and so on and so on – they totally bungled the whole investigation. (

Quote from Lindy after being completely exonerated: “If I had not been found guilty, I would never have convinced so many people that I was innocent,”


Now that’s worth debating in the pub one day, isn’t it mate? To end on a very appropriate extract from another poem by Stella Bell, called “The Dingo” – pay attention to the last line!

“Moving so constantly, piercing the dark,
Patience her virtue,
She knows that she will,
Keep searching till morning for something to kill,”

- Stella P. Bell from ‘The Dingo’

A coronal inquest in early 2012 will review new evidence in death of infant Azaria Chamberlain!

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31 Responses to “Lindy chamberlain – is she an evil lady”

  • Kat:

    not at all. her baby died. you should feel sorry for her

  • Warren J:

    Of course she did it! She is a evil bitch!

  • Prue:

    She did it! and she should be still in jail for murdering little Azaria! Burn in hell LINDY !

  • Annie:

    I doubt a dingo did it. Even if it did, she should be hanging her head in shame, instead of spending years collecting millions of dollars from such a tragedy.. What kind of a parent leaves a 9 week old baby & a 3yo unsupervised at night in an open tent & goes of to a BBQ. Dingos or no dingos, the snakes, dust, flys, mozzies would be a concern to any sane caring parent. If she didn’t deliberately murder the baby her negligence & disregard caused the baby’s death.

  • Val:

    I believed she did it. Why would a starving dingo walk over one child to get to another. and what a disturbed family..divorced… the boys do not seem really stable. Lindy has made a fortune showed no sorrow. A woman who truly loves her children and then loses a child suffers that lose for the rest of her life…yes we can see Lindy has really suffered tho I suppose the money has helped her overcome it. This story does not tell over other evidence or reaction and I find it is very one sided……

  • michael:

    Anyone who thinks Lindy killed her baby is an idiot. Experts on dingos say a dingo could easily carry an object up to 40 pounds. They found the jumpsuit and Lindy simply could not have done everything in the 10 minutes. Responses like “she didnt show enough emotion …” Good God she was angry and any innocent person, would be. Read the judges charge to the jury before they deliberated. He did everything in his power to tell the jurors ” Lindy is innocent”. I guess what can you expect from a group of people who were too stupid to get out of juror duty. There have been many documented cases in the past 10 years of dingos attacking and sometimes killing children. The reason she got out after 6 years was because anyone with any legal knowledge could see this was a wrong verdict. As far as money goes, they were awarded a little 1 million, but what people do not know is that their legal bills were around 4 million. I seriously doubt the chamberlains, have ever even broke even.

  • James:

    She definately murdered her baby. A lot of the actual evidence from the day has now been twisted and misconstrued. The babys clothes were found four kms away folded under a rock! There was no dog or dingo saliva or hair on the clothes. The clothes had been cut with scissors the same as the ones taken as evidence. There was blood found in the car in many places around the passanger seat and under the dash. Lindy claimed that this was from an injured hitch hiker, however using (the best at the time) fetal haemoglobin test it was shown that the blood was matched for the blood type of a child from the union of Micheal and lindy and was also fetal haemoglobin. If this happened today with DNA testing as advanced as it is, it would be an open and shut case.

    The fact that her lawyers were able to discredit such daming evidence as the babys blood in the car, and now people are saying that it was sound deadening is just a joke. The blood was definately azarias!
    The fact that the car was locked and the keys to the car could not be found the whole time during the search is definately suspicious. For anyone not convinced (and there will always be people who like to think she is innocent) consider this .. the baby was 9 weeks old, give your dog something that weighs 5-6 kg see how far it gets with it… Tragic as it is, It is not uncommon for a mother to murder her child, people have moments of stress and rage when they act in the moment, she had driven all the way from mount Isa with the baby. Thats a long stressful trip. It’s not that hard to imagine what happened at all.

    I think most people know that she got away with murdering her baby. She just had good lawyers.

  • Dibba:

    James, you really need to check your ‘facts’ because you are just repeating old stories that have been disproved.
    Val – so the Chamberlain’s divorced. Big deal! That means absolutely nothing. Many families who suffer a loss like this fall apart. Do you know the boys personally to judge that they seem stable? Even if that is true – consider what they went through. They lost their sister and their family was vilified in the media. Do you think that is not going to affect a child?

  • Barbara:

    I had actually heard the same allegations from a policeman who was asked to go to the site to investigate from another state in Australia. I wonder if the author of this article could contact me? I have been investigating these facts too.

  • James:

    Dibba, you have criticised the responses of people who believe in her guilt.

    What is your view point, and why?

    What facts do you feel need checking? The actual police interviews and police evidence gathered, as well as court room transcripts are all available online.

    None of the forensic evidence was “disproved”, her lawyers were able to have some of the most incriminating of it, disregarded and discredited, but certainly not disproven. For anyone familiar with blood testing, the test for fetal haemoglobin is a solid and reliable test. I have no doubt in my mind at all. But these days you would be arguing against a matching DNA sequence. Don’t fancy the chances!

    There is no evidence at all to support these dingo stories. None at all.
    This was probably a very big factor in the failure to get the death certificate changed at the last inquest. You can have all the stories in the world, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

  • Yep, guilty as hell. The detective has thankfully come out and told it as it was. He was on the spot.

  • ciaran:

    I think you’ll find the coroners results tonight will shut up all those morons who think they are better qualified than all those people actually present…the Police did a dreadful job securing the evidence and tried desperately to jail this woman right from the start. Im a Territorian and my husband was a copper there for twelve years….as far as most of us are concerned there was a dingo, it ate the poor wee mite, and after five years more and more evidence came forward to clear her….shame on you for condeming without all the facts…grow up!..

  • kelly:

    So many things just dont add up to me that makes me believe Lindy murdered that baby!! As all the facts stated by jjames above and also the fact the family left the day after the baby went missing! If that were my child I woudnt leave!!! Id be staying put and searching myself!!
    Why didnt the children who were sleeping in the same tent as Azaria wake when she started crying or aparently started crying and if a dingo did come into the tent to snatch the baby why didnt the children yell out !!! My chldren certainly would!!! How can a child not say anything out loud and alert mum and dad!?!?
    To me Mummy dearest came into the tent and told the kids to be quiet….the kids were never questioned or not allowed to and im sure they know more than they are letting on. money plays a big hand here. Just my views!!!!

  • James:

    The media attention has come from the fact that a child under a mothers care has just vanished with out a trace never to be seen again, no body found. The explanation is that a dingo has run/ dragged off with it. Obviously that doesn’t sit well with people. There are far too many of these cases. My opinion, If children are in your care your responsible. I find the above article to be extremely bias.

  • buno:

    Yeah I fully can’t see a dingo standing at the tent with a baby in it’s mouth. Maybe biting or mauling a kid, but not running off far away with it. I don’t see how these other dingo attacks are evidence for this case?????? they just show that dingos don’t run off with their prey and you will never get a situation where the clothes are found intact 4 kms away, and the body never found. Sounds like an evil lady killed her kid and with some help covered it up.

  • Dibba:

    Well James, the facts are there for everyone to see. Whether you choose to actually see them now or not is up to you.
    Some people simply choose to remain ignorant.

  • James:

    Dibba, I choose to see things objectively. I am entitled to my opinion on this page, as are you. May I suggest that many people also see the cracks in her dingo story. To say that you believe her dingo story is to disregard every piece of evidence against her. To believe that all the forensic evidence was somehow contaminated or tampered with. It is to also believe in her impossible dingo explanation. Thats the objective side of things, the reason many people can see that it does not add up.

    To look at things from an emotive point of view you may wish to consider justice for Azaria. The sister the children were denied, the decent young women she may have been today. Obviously people do their best to avoid punishment of crimes, it is human nature. Look at how many sports men and women are caught doping for eg. Do you ever see them fess up? No, there is always the elaborate story, sample was contaminated, it was because of this food that I ate, this supplement was contaminated, the test is wrong etc, but we all know the truth. At some point you have to call bull, and I am calling bull on her story.

    Getting one coroner to finally change the death certificate three decades later might get those involved off the hook, however all these years later thats not really the issue. It’s done nothing to change peoples opinion, it just shows the flaws in the legal system. My opinion!

  • James:

    undisputed points

    -Lindy was the last Adult to see Azaria
    -Chamberlain’s car was locked during search (claimed that keys were lost)
    -Chamberlains left camping ground to stay at a hotel that night
    -Azaria’s clothes found 4km from tent, no dingo or dog hair or saliva on clothes
    -Extensive search of area, no body found.

  • Dibba:

    As I said James, you need to check your ‘facts’.
    The Chamberlains allowed a sniffer dog into their car.
    The Chamberlains were taken to a motel that night by police – not sure how this makes Lindy guilty of anything?
    Dog-like hairs were found in the tent and on Azaria’s clothing. The Chamberlains had not owned a dog for many years.
    The only fact you have right is that there was an extensive search and no body was found. Not sure where you found your ‘facts’ but I actually prefer to get mine straight from the Coroner’s transcripts.
    I also found it quite interesting that Aboriginal trackers were able to identify dingo tracks (of a dingo carrying something) and indicate where the dingo had stopped and placed the bundle it was carrying. Unfortunately the trail was lost.
    Blood was also found inside the tent but none on Lindy Chamberlain (or any other Chamberlain.)
    Witnesses heard a baby crying after Lindy had returned to the camp.
    The blood evidence that was “all over the car” was later disproved. The tests on this were incorrectly performed.
    The clothes were not found folded under a rock. They weren’t even photographed until after they had been picked up, handled and put back down by police.
    Even the Coroner and investigating police said that there was simply not enough time for Lindy to have killed Azaria. Guess she must have been some sort of criminal mastermind then.
    Yes, there was a lot of emotion around this case – and a lot of B.S. too. Azaria supposedly meaning ‘sacrafice in the wilderness’, Lindy supposedly only ever dressing her in black. The media had a field day and the Australian public lapped it up.
    People will believe what they want to believe but it’s a shame if they don’t fully inform themselves first when the correct information is so easy to find.
    Buno : a dingo is a carnivore. If a dingo took a baby, there would be no body to find.

  • James:

    Half the Australian public has below average intelligence and half has above.

  • Miranda:

    It’s incredible that the simple truth is so much harder to believe than the elaborate lies the media has spun.
    The media can make you believe anything they want and the ‘facts’ quoted by James clearly show that.
    Very sad indeed.

  • Mike:

    I’m not even from this country, but I think that firstly this was a long time ago, so really that must be taken into consideration, and the only people who know the truth are of course the family. With out even getting caught up in theories and facts, I’m of the opinion that this is a case of murder, and I think the parents disposed the body. I also find it a little silly that experts called to examine the evidence could not tell the difference between a child’s blood and some sound proofing or copper dust. The idea of “no motive” or because she was a loving mother she was not capable of this I also find a little simple. I’ve heard of many cases of murder where the people were lovers or family, sometimes no motive is ever found. Interesting yeah, but I can’t see anything new it was a really long time ago, even if she went to jail, she would be out by now.

  • VG:

    Growing up in the city of Chicago I’d have never believed the Dingo Story, until I spent some time in rural Southern Illinois where wild Coyotes roamed freely. The locals there will not let their small children out at night because the beasts will kill and eat them. And a Dingo is simply the Aussies version of the American Coyote and about the same size…it is what they are, wild carnivores.
    The information about the Dingo “Ding” is most telling, a Dingo allowed to roam freely around the campsite for all to feed than suddenly having his food source cut off. The unreported attacks upon children Ding made prior to this event. Ding was comfortable in that campsite and found a food source unattended, snatched, killed, and than ran off with the child. What happened next is up to speculation, but no doubt people would have been in trouble for letting that Dingo still roam freely there after attacking children prior to this event.

  • Aurora Blake:

    Lindy Chamberlin is innocent, and has been exonerated by the Australian Government at the fourth coronal inquest. Coroner Morris declared a historical ruling and apologised to Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton and her former husband Michael Chamberlain. Please remove this page, or archive this page with a note announcing the 2012 decision that she is innocent of any crime.

  • Mike:

    VG mate, not really what happened in this case. No question a dingo could attack or maul a kid, no question. But drag it away, with no trace of the child when everyone in the area is out looking. The physics of it are actually impossible also, pick up a 5kg christmas ham, most nine week olds are heavier than this, just for measure. I’ve never seen a dingo bigger than your averaged sized dog, it’s not like a great dane. Even dogs bigger than dingos cant go very far with a 5kg leg of meat. I own dogs and have done this eperiment many times. A dingo weighs at best 20 kgs most wild ones are more like 15kg. It is actually impossible that a dingo ran off with the child and no person caught it, discovered the remains or even saw this mysterious dingo. It would be like murdering someone in a croc infested area and then saying a crocodile took him. It sounds like one possibility until you really have a think about it. Then you realise that it is actually impossible, and another human alterative is far more likely.

  • Dibba:

    Mike, you really need to read some of the actual facts of this case before you draw your own conclusions that the dingo ‘story’ is impossible. I think that the indigenous people who live around these animals would know a little more about them than you. The dingo was tracked and it was pointed out by the tracker where the dingo had stopped and placed its ‘cargo’ while resting.
    Is it so hard for people to read the facts before they jump to judgement or do they just not care for any fact that doesn’t line up with their own pre-conceived notion?

  • Mike:

    Keep reading your stories Dibba, what else do you believe in? I’d seriously be curious. It is beyond me how incredibly stupid some people are. They are usually the same people that are fooled by scams claiming they have won money in some competition they never entered, and believe in other weird and wonderful shit. If this article said so then it must be right! The psychic said something good would happen today. He was right! My football team won! – That man can predict the future. If you say these words you will be cured of your disease. This man hasn’t eaten for three years. That man said he saw a pink elephant, I automatically believe in pink elephants.

    There is a killer dingo out there that runs off with children when they are all alone and no person is there to see. Even the other kids in the tent don’t see it. It takes off the kids clothes and leaves them four kms away under a rock. Those clothes could n’t have been put there? The car couldn’t have been cleaned up? Dammit it was the dingo who undressed the kid. Dammit the forensic evidence on the blood in the car is all wrong. Dingos run miles with their food before undressing it and eating it whole. But they shot all the dingos and examined their stomach contents. Dammit they must have missed one.

  • Mike:

    Dibba, do you believe the responsible adults in all the other mysterious cases children have just disappeared?

    They are usually the only people who saw or claim to know what happened, and there is usually no solid evidence to support their story.

    In legitimate cases where people are investigated, when the person is innocent they are nearly always able to prove this quite easily. Consider this scenario: people sitting in the camping ground and they heard the kids in the tent screaming and there was a dingo near the tent, and it had actually come inside the tent, and everyone came rushing over, but by the time they got there one of the kids had been mauled and died of the injuries. People would believe that. The public would believe that. It would not be suspicious. There would be a body, many people would have witnessed the attack and could provide clear details. Things would add up.

    In other similar cases you don’t have all these highly irregular sequences forming a version of events. When has a dingo even fun off with a kid (not just attacked) but run off with a kid and then consumed them whole? Not a trace. Think about an animal bigger and stronger like a wolf. How often does it carry off it’s kill more than four kms. It doesn’t waste the energy. It kills and eats. It isn’t like a completely different animal such as a leopard, that carries its kill up the nearest tree to evade hungry lions. Even they don’t carry their prey far. When a wolf or wolves make a kill, it eats the parts it wants from the animal and leaves the rest. It’s not interested in concealing a kill, it doesn’t decide to put the childs clothes in this location four kms away. You can not say that those clothes were put there by a dingo. It is interesting to examine the finer detail of the dingo story. It’s claimed a dingo was seen by Lindy leaving the tent (which had other children inside it) and it is claimed that it was carrying/ dragging the child out. But thats when things get blurry. How was it carrying or dragging it? By the head? etc How could it make such a super escape “dragging” a child with other campers near by and the mother claiming this is what she was seeing? There would be a clear blood trail also. One can easily imagine how a murder could take place, those who believe the mothers timeframe of events (she was only gone for x amount of time, could not possibly have done it!) are believing the pink elephant story or the UFO story. There are any number of scenarios that could have taken place. She may have in fact been gone for longer, may have killed the child in the car and temporarily hidden the body and made the famous cry later on. You simply can not vehemently go along with someones story if you want to be serious about things. If it was prove the dingo did it, you would be struggling with any solid evidence. You would never get enough evidence to put the dingo away.

  • Joe:

    It is a strange one.

    A dingo would never go inside a tent. They are completely fearful of humans and virtually untrainable.
    If a hungry pack/mating couple came across a small animal…say a lone human child. That child is in serious trouble. But entering a tent not knowing whats in there? Never going to happen. They are just too smart to get cornered like that.

    Also if you have ever seen a dingo eat they are terribly messy eaters…. they make a mess and rip their food apart. The babies jump suit being intact is extremely unsettling for me.

    I don’t know.

  • Dibba:

    Of course, a dingo would never attack a child when there are other people around would it?

    Read the coroner’s reports before you judge, people.

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