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Marie Noe – Murdered 8 of her children

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Marie Noe is an American woman who was charged in August 1998 with murdering eight of her children betweenMarie Noe 2 1949 and 1968, eight of the ten Noe children died of mysterious causes which were then attributed to sudden infant death syndrome. All eight children were healthy at birth and were developing normally. All of whom died between the ages of two weeks and 14 months. (The remaining two children died of natural causes.) Noe admitted to smothering four of the children and accepted a plea bargain in June 1999 which sentenced her to twenty years’ probation and psychiatric study.

Richard Allan Noe Born March 7th 1949,
Died that same year. He wouldn’t even reach his first birthday. The death certificate listed congenital heart failure as the cause of death. Yet Noe later confessed. “He was always crying and he couldn’t tell me what was bothering him. He just kept crying. There was a pillow under his head so I took my hand and pressed his face down into the pillow until he stopped moving.”

Richard Allen and Elizabeth Noe's burried together

Elizabeth Mary Noe Born September 8th 1950,
Also  died before her first birthday. Noe said Elizabeth was in her bassinet. “I put her on her back, and then I took a pillow from the bed and put it over her face and suffocated her. She was squirming, being a lot stronger than Richard was, she was fighting when the pillow was over her face. I held the pillow there until she stopped moving.”

Jacqueline Noe Born April 23rd 1952,
The cause of death was listed as “choking on vomit”.

Arthur Joseph Jr. Noe Born April 23rd 1955,
Named after his father, he too would perish, a victim of ” bronco pneumonia”.

Constance Noe Born February 24th 1958,
Her death was listed as undetermined presumed natural. Noe said, “I was trying to train her on how to sit up in the chair. I don’t know why, but then I took a pillow and laid her down on the chair, and I suffocated her.” Constance died after only 1 month of being born.

Letitia Noe stillborn at the hospital August 24th 1959,
Cause of death was umbilical cord knot. Letitia was one of only two Noe infant children to actually died a “natural” death.

Mary Lee Noe Born June 19th 1962,
She would live all of six months before being killed. At the time of Mary Lee’s murder, Marie was already three months pregnant with baby number eight.

Theresa Noe,
Died in hospital, six hours after birth on June 1963 – The cause of death was due to blood abnormalities, the second of the two infants to die of natural causes.

Catherine E. Noe Born December 3rd 1964,
This baby would live the longest, but sadly, she too would be killed by her mother a short three months after her first birthday.

Arthur Joseph Jr (#2) Born July 28th 1967,
Referred to as Little Arty. He went home from the hospital at five months old and died three months later. Marie Noe was given a hysterectomy after the birth of Little Arty due to medical reasons.

Under repeated questioning about the death of her children Marie Noe now had no choice but to admit to the killings.

It was March 1998 when she gave it up. Noe told police that she had used pillows to kill at least three of her children. But she could not explain why. “All I can figure is that I’m ungodly sick,” she told detectives. “I never had the money to get help, and I didn’t know where to go for help anyway.”

On August 5, 1998, she was arrested for eight counts of murder. She eventually confessed to smothering four of  her children. The other four she wasn’t clear about. She didn’t remember how they died, although investigative reports at the time quote her saying “just before they died the children turned blue and were gasping for air”.

Studies showed Noe suffered from “MPD” (mixed-personality disorder). The psychiatrist at the time Dr John O’Brien, ruled out any neurological problems. The judge ordered she placed on house arrest and continue being counseled.

In 1999 Noe was sentenced to 20 years of probation, beginning with 5 years of house arrest. Part of the sentencing agreement was that she have intensive psychological testing to understand how a mother could be so evil to have such a demonic behavior.

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18 Responses to “Marie Noe – Murdered 8 of her children”

  • BmthLover:

    This lady is CRAZY PHYSCO! I’m doing an essay on her and i feel like I’m gonna cry evertime i read about her! She should FUCKIN DIE! Yep :)

  • Britne:

    What could be the reason for her doing this to her children? Could it be a religious point of view, tolerance.. my thought about it was she never got caught with the murder’s until she finally confessed… something was meant to happen.

  • mallorie:

    Doesn’t seem that strange to me, a baby is very very annoying, taxing, and frustrating and there is a very easy solution.
    I’m not trying to be heartless, or cold, I’m fascinated by this woman because I can see how in a different society (one without legal abortion or readily available birth control) I would do exactly what she did…probably a lot more quickly.
    As a woman who does not want children but has felt the societal pressures to make some, along with the fights with almost any spouse I can easily see how a woman living in a era where voluntary sterilization is nearly impossible, education is poor, and religious / family pressure to make a baby is high would simply wait for a convenient moment and do away with what from this preservative is a pest.
    I’ve had 4 abortions and I assure any reader of this, if abortion were illegal I would be just another Marie Noe, though probably less forthcoming about it.

  • Katie:

    Mallorie: I don’t know if I will be the first person to reveal this to you, but you are one intensely sick individual. You should seek counseling immediately. Seriously.

    Babies may be “annoying, taxing and frustrating” but they are living, breathing, INNOCENT human beings. They didn’t ask to be born and do not deserve to be snuffed out simply because they require constant care. There is no excuse for the murderers of babies… no excuse whatsoever.

    I wonder what has happened to you to make you so heartless and disgusting. The fact that you’ve had four abortions is horrendous! Get your tubes tied or at least use birth control!! Voluntary sterilization is very much an option in our society and you should be the first in line to choose it.

    The fact that you are fascinated by this serial baby murderer and can even identify with her should raise some very big red flags. Seek help.

  • Sally:

    People are fucked up, idc what the case is you dont kill your child, no matter what the cirmucstance and the fact that there are people out there who can somewhat relate to that disgrace of a woman, is pathetic. People absolutley disgust me and should be ashamed of themselves. If you decide to have sex, be prepared of the consequences, and dont run away from them and take innocent lives away, especially UNBORN lives. That’s called being a coward and a selfish cold hearted bitch. And marie noe should burn in hell for what she did to those innocent children. Anyone who can remotley relate to her is a piece of shit, straight the fuck up.

  • Micheal:

    Give mallorie a break! Its just her opinion on the story and i totally understand where she is comming from..

  • Sally:

    Fuck you “Michael” your on the same level as her if you can agree or relate to the horrible shit she said. Some things/opinions should be kept to yourself, especially when there as ignorant and wat she said. People like you guys disgust me along with probably the rest of the world. Grimey, Nasty Fucks

  • Micheal:

    Settle down Sally! dont be such a bitch! people are entitled to their opinions .. I think your just a cranky old woman with no kids.. This is why you dont understand where Mallorie is comming from! Maybe if you had kids you would undserstand alittle more about mallories comment!

  • Kim:

    I’m going to hold my anger back…Some people comments don’t make sense I have a baby and I never wanted to kill him, so by having a child does not make you relate to her. And there is something called adoption…Also she isn’t talking from experience of having kids she said she had 4 abortions. So go Sally and Katie, as for the other two I suggest you get your tubes tide.

  • Debbie J:

    What Marie did is horrific and she should burn in hell! Mallorie and Micheal I think you 2 will be joining her you sick fuckers! People have no right to kill living human beings no matter how annoying they are! Maybe someone should kill you 2 pair of disgusting pigs for annoying us with you stupid fucking comments!

  • Lola:

    I can’t believe that people in this day and age cant give their own opinions without being attacked! I totally believe in abortion, that is the choice of the mother! If she feels she can not take care of the baby due to money issues or feels she can not take care of the baby! she should have the right to abort! Im sick of you fucking christian do gooders mouthing off about abortion! Maybe if some of those pedofile priests should have been aborted!

  • j:

    Umm Lola, this article was about murdering born children. Not abortion. why are you being so sensitive if you feel everyone has a right to their own opinion? Aren’t they giving their opinion? I’m sure many people believe in abortion. How many believe in having 4 abortions? That’s just plain stupid, ignorant, and negligent. There really are no valid reasons for having 4 abortions, unless you were raped 4 times. As far as the article is concerned, I’d say it’s safe to say that it is very sick and wrong to kill any human being, especially your own BORN children. Mallorie and Micheal make very weak statements like ‘children are annoying, taxing, etc.” Many people find small dogs annoying, but you just don’t go around killing each one that yaps…The difference between sane and insane is knowing when you’ve reached your breaking point and knowing that it’s your own actions you have to control, not others (ie…you can’t control babies crying).

  • Rose:

    Yes, everybody has the right to their opinion. Mine is that abortion is the choice of last resort. There is NO way that anyone can morally justify having 4 of them. After the first you should have learned to keep your legs closed or use birth control. I know A LOT about Marie Noe and the other women with munchausen syndrome by proxy who smothered numerous children of theirs (Marybeth Tinning, Diane Lumbrera, Waneta Hoyt, Diane Odell, Ellen Boehm, Tanya Reid and several more that I cannot think of their names right now) and well I do agree with the thought that they did VERY wrong I do not agree that Marie Noe is evil. I think, and this is after reading books about Marie Noe, Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, SIDS, postpartum psychosis and numerous articles about all these subjects that Marie Noe is seriously mentally ill. She is in her early 80s and from a very different generation. Now it’s socially acceptable but back then it wasn’t. She pled guilty and she cannot hurt anyone any longer. Hopefully she can help doctors understand it all better to save babies in the future

  • Rose:

    She is a tie for the most prolific baby murderer I’ve ever researched Marie Noe and Marybeth Tinning both killed 8 children, Diana Lumbrera killed 7 children, Waneta Hoyt and Andrea Yates both killed 5 children, Kathleen Folbigg and Dianne Odell each killed 4 children, Ellen Boehm, Susan Smith and Paula Sims all killed 2 children and the list goes on & on & on. It’s sickening. There are so many options that murder should never even be considered; Option#1: Keep your legs closed, Option#2: Use a reliable method of birth control, Option#3: If you don’t want the baby have an abortion; even people against abortion will usually admit that it is less heinous than murdering a child, Option#4: If dead-set against abortion then have the baby and give him or her up for adoption, plenty of people want babies, Option#5: Have baby alone. Then wrap him/her in a blanket and leave at the ER/ fire station/ church/ Dr’s office or home. All 5 of these sound better than murder to me :)

  • Rose:

    Mallorie, first of all congratulations on your descision not to have children if you don’t want to care for them. The world would be a far less horrifying place if some of these baby murders had shared your opinions. A lot of people do not agree with you, I know I don’t but hey, at least you are honest. Nobody has to have children anymore in this day and age but seriously after 4 abortions I would really consider a tubal ligation in the future if for no other reason than that abortion is a surgical and painful procedure (so I’m told). I have 3 kids that I had within 4 years. My husband worked so I was the one who got up with the kids 5 out of 7 days a week. I never thought about hurting them but I did feel frustrated, exhausted, emotionally overwhelmed and swore after baby #1 NEVER AGAIN!! But then it gets better, your hormones mellow out, your baby sleeps for longer periods and having babies does have an up side. You love them and they grow to love you and they only need constant 24 hour care for a short time once U get a routine going you’re good

  • Dibba:

    I wonder if Mallorie has ever heard of contraception? Much safer than abortion and definitely a far better alternative to murder. I struggle to take Mallorie’s comment seriously. Are we really supposed to believe that she would be more comfortable murdering babies than having unprotected sex or abstaining?

  • jean:

    Sad story! Other than that..Mallorie NEVER become a babysitter for one second! Also YOU need
    some damm help! quick and in a hurry.I always say when someone makes comments like this..WHAT wa
    was YOUR mother thinking when she gave birth to you!! that you were annoying
    taxing etc. For you to “announce” your 4 abortions perhaps you should just keep your legs closed

  • Annila:

    I’m glad Mallorie is being brutally honest about her decision regarding kids. It’s frankly absolutely no one’s place to criticize her so harshly for aborting a fetus. If the fetus can’t survive outside the womb, it’s neither viable nor a baby. I’m not sure why she wouldn’t just use birth control and save on the expense and stress on her body from the abortion, but at least these children aren’t a burden or have a hard life. There’s no guarantee any of them would’ve been adopted had she had them. There are thousands of kids in foster care and I doubt any of you stepped up to adopt any like most pro-lifers who seem to only care about a fetus until it’s born. Kids are annoying as hell and not everyone is cut out for it. You’re all righteous cunts who have no right to criticize Mallorie. Why shouldn”t she enjoy getting laid? Rag on her for being completely honest about her abortions? If only most people should be this honest about everything.

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