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Marybeth Tinning – Child killer

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Marybeth Tinning (Born: 1942)

Currently serving a sentence of 20 years to life, Marybeth Tinning is an American serial killer – or more specifically, an evil baby killer and murderer. She was convicted of the murder of just one of her children, although she had eight total victims between the years of 1972 and 1985.

Early Life of Marybeth Tinning – The Baby Killer

Born in a small town in New York, Marybeth attended Duanesburg High School, along with her brother, where she was just one of the other kids. As a child, she tried to commit suicide several times. After high school, she worked a number of jobs that paid low wages. She eventually began work as an aide in Schenectlady at Ennis Hospital.

On a blind date, she met her future-husband, Joe Tinning, in 1963. They married just two years later.

The Death of Marybeth Tinning’s Children

The couple had two children over the course of their first five years of marriage – Joseph and Barbara. In December 1971, Marybeth gave birth to her third child to whom she named Jennifer. The little baby was sick when she was born and was never able to leave the hospital. She ended up passing away due to a severe infection a few weeks later; the disease was diagnosed as meningitis.

At two years of age, Marybeth took her son Joseph to the hospital the following January saying that he was experiencing some form of a seizure. Kept under observation, nothing was found and they were sent home. They returned to the hospital ER a few hours later at which this time her son, Joseph, was now dead. The doctors were told that Marybeth had placed Joseph in his bed to find him blue, tangled in his sheets a little bit later.

Six weeks later, Tinning showed up with her four-year-old daughter, Barbara, at the same ER. She told the doctors that she had began convulsing. Because of this, the doctors wanted to keep her overnight for observation, but Marybeth insisted that she be able to take her young daughter home. Similar to the situation with Joseph, Mrs. Tinning returned to the ER several hours later with her daughter, now dead. Barb’s death was said to be associated with Reye’s Syndrome.

With Barbara’s death, all three of Mrs. Tinning’s children had passed away within three months of one another. The next year, Marybeth – the baby killer – was pregnant with her fourth child, Timothy, whom she gave birth to on Thanksgiving Day in 1973. He was brought to the hospital three weeks later dead saying that he was found in his crib lifeless. Nothing was wrong medically and the doctors ruled the death in relation to SIDS.

On Easter Sunday, two years later in 1975, Tinning’s fifth child saw light into this world. Nathan was brought to St. Clare’s Hospital dead in Tinning’s arms. She said that she noticed Nathan had stopped breathing as they were driving. Once again, the doctors had no medical explanation for the young child’s death.

Three years later, in 1978, the couple made arrangements for child adoption. This same year, Marybeth became pregnant. The adoption was not cancelled despite the fact that she had become pregnant. They received Michael, a young boy from the adoption agency in August 1978, and two months later at the end of October, Mrs. Tinning gave birth to Mary Frances, her sixth child. At the beginning of the next year, Marybeth took Mary Frances to the ER, which was located across the street. She told doctors that her baby had had a seizure and the staff at the hospital were able to successfully revive Mary Frances. However, Tinning returned to the exact same hospital with Mary Frances on February 20 at which this time Mary Frances was completely brain dead. Tinning told doctors that she had no idea what had happened that she had just come across her and found her unconscious.

Tinning became pregnant once Mary Frances had been buried giving birth to her seventh child on November 19. In March 1980, Tinning showed up at the same hospital with Jonathan unconscious. He was able to be revived just like Mary Frances. Because of the history of the family, Jonathan was thoroughly examined after being sent to Boston Hospital. The doctors were unable to find any medical explanation as to why the young boy had stopped breathing, so Jonathan was sent home. However, he was brain dead when he returned to the hospital with his mother a few days later with a death of March 24, 1980.

Not a year later in March 1982, Tinning went to the paediatricians office with her adopted child Michael, who was two-and-a-half, wrapped and completely unconscious. The doctor was told that Michael could not be woken up and wasn’t sure what was wrong. He was already dead when he was examined by the doctor. Because of the fact that Michael was adopted, the suspected theory by the doctors and medical professionals that the Tinning family’s deaths were related to genetic origin were discarded.

Tami Lynne, the ninth child of Marybeth Tinning, was born August 22, 1985. Cynthia Walter, a next door neighbour and practical nurse, accompanied Tinning on a shopping spree and later came to her home. Later in the evening, Tinning made a frantic phone call to Walter. Tami Lynne was on the changing table when Walter arrived at the house. She testified that Tami Lynne was not moving and no pulse could be found. The young baby was pronounced dead at the ER.

Confession and Conviction of Marybeth Tinning – The Evil Lady Murderer

While there was no proven evidence of any wrongdoing, there was still plenty of suspicion surrounding. Marybeth Tinning. After being interrogated by the police, Tinning actually confessed that she smothered Nathan, Tami Lynne as well as Timothy – although she later retracted this. She denied harming any of her other children. She went to trial and was convicted in the case of Tami Lynne’s death and was sentenced from 20 years to life in prison.

In March 2007, she was eligible for parole; however, it was denied. She had another parole meeting in late-January, two years later, at which time she was denied once again. The board said that her remorse for the death of her children was at best superficial. Her parole was denied a third time in January 2011 and it will be two years, in January 2013, when she will be eligible for parole again.

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