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Myra Hindley – Child Serial Killer

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Myra Hindley and Ian Brady were responsible for the “Moors murders” that occurred in Manchester, Britain in tMyra Hindleyhe mid 1960’s, Together these two evil monsters were responsible for the kidnapping, sexual abuse torture and murder of five children. Three of them were at the tender age of only twelve, and the other two teenagers were aged 16 and 17.

In July 1963 Pauline Reade aged 16 yrs, was their first victim who disappeared on her way to a dance wearing her pink party dress .

John Kilbride 12 yrs, was the second victim, who disappeared in November that same year.

In June 1964, Keith Bennett 12 yrs went missing on his way to his grandmother’s place. December that same year, Lesley Anne Downey 12 yrs vanished at the local fair

The secret life..

An Evil couple, obsessed with the sexual torture and murder of children, came to light in October 1965. David Smith, the brother in law of Myra Hindley, went to the police in Manchester, with an extraordinary story. He told police officers that he had walked Hindley to her home in Manchester the day before, and when invited in, he saw Brady, Hindleys obsessive lover, murder 17 year old Edward Evans with an axe. This was to be their last victim.

After hearing Smith’s story, police raided Hindley’s home. In a bedroom they found both the victim’s body, wLesley Ann Downeyrapped in a blanket, and the axe that they used to kill him. Within days, police began searching Saddleworth Moor, where they found the naked body of Lesley Ann Downey in a shallow grave,with her clothes at her feet.

A key found in Myra’s possession led to incriminating evidence stored at a luggage depot at Manchester Central Station. The evidence included a tape recording of one of the murder victims, namely Ann Downey screaming as Hindley and Brady raped and tortured her.


Also found in the locker were two suitcases that were filled with pornographic and sadistic material, as well as  nine photographs of Lesley Ann. The horrific shots of Lesley Ann Downey lying there naked and bound, with her mouth gagged were taken in Hindley‘s private bedroom.

More Bodies of children found..

Eleven days after Lesley Ann‘s body was uncovered, the body of John Kilbride was also found on the moor, from a picture of  Hindley posing near the grave with a dog. He had been lured to the moor, sexually assaulted and murdered. Pauline Reade

Pauline Reade’s body would not be found until 1987, after Hindley and Brady finally confessed to her murder and also that of Keith Bennett. Pauline’s body was identified by her pink party dress, but Keith’s body has never been found.

Myra Hindley sentenced to life imprisonment…

This was the first time in British legal history that a woman had ever been convicted with a man for serial sex murders. Hindley and Brady both avoided the death penalty by a matter of months, The Abolition of the Death Penalty Act 1965 came into force just four weeks before they were arrested.

36 years later in February 2000 she told a BBC TV documentary that she wished she had been hung for her crimes.”It would have solved many of the problems. The family of the victims would have received some peace of mind and the tabloids would have not been able to manipulate them as they still do to this day. I would have made a total confession to the priest before I was hung, and would not be half crippled by the burden of guilt that will not go away.Image3

Myra is dead…

After spending 36 years years in prison Myra Hindley, Britain’s longest serving female prisoner, died at West Suffolk Hospital, on the 15th of November 2002. Sixty year old Myra Hindley, died of respiritory failure, due to an accute chest infection, caused by smoking 40 cigarettes a day. She died in a private room, guarded by police, with a Catholic priest at her side.

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