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Rose West – Female serial killer

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Serial killers..


Rose and Fred West shocked the world with the sickening and unjustified murder rampage that occurred through the years of 1967 to 1987, that claimed the lives of at least 12 girls. Most of the victims were hitch-hikers, lodgers and teenagers that the Wests lured from the streets. They were torRose West tured, bound and gagged then sexually assaulted, murdered and cut up. Not one of them were given the dignity of a proper burial, instead the bodies were dismembered and stuffed into vertical holes in the ground. One could only imagine how desperate their last moments on this earth must have been. Six of the bodies were discovered beneath the cellar and the bathroom of 25 Cromwell Street. The other three bodies were found outside underneath a concrete patio in the back garden.


The victims..

1967 – Ann McFall (Scottish nanny and Fred’s lover. Was eight months pregnant with his child). Body found in letterbox field” near Much Marcle

1970 – Rena Costello (Fred’s first wife, also Scottish). Body found in “fingerpost field” near Much Marcle.

1972 – Charmaine West 8 (Rena’s eldest child). Body found beneath 25 Midland Road, Gloucester

1973 – Linda Gough 21 (seamstress from Gloucester). Body found beneath 25 Cromwell Street

1973 – Lucy Partington 21 (university student, from Gotherington, near Cheltenham). Body found beneath 25 Cromwell Street.

1974 – Carol Cooper 15 (schoolgirl from Worcester). Body found beneath 25 Cromwell Street

1975 – Juanita Mott 19 (from Newent, Glos) Body found beneath 25 Cromwell Street

1975 – Shirley Hubbard 15 (schoolgirl from Worcester). Body found beneath 25 Cromwell St

1977 – Therese Siegenthaler 21 (Swiss hitchhiker). Body found beneath 25 Cromwell St

1977 – Alison Chambers 17 (originally from Swansea). Body found in garden of 25 Cromwell St

1978 – Shirley Robinson 18 (lodger and Fred’s lover. Heavily pregnant). Body found in garden of 25  Cromwell Street.

1987 - Heather West 16 (Fred and Rose’s eldest daughter). Body found in the garden of 25 Cromwell St..

February 24th 1994 was to be the beginning of the end for the Wests. The end of extraordinary things, happening in an ordinary three story household in Central Gloucester. But it was also the beginning of a discovery that would reveal rose west cromwell street murdersmany evil secrets hidden at 25 Cromwell Street.

The Silence Is Broken…

In 1986 close friends of the Wests, visited the Police Station on suspicions, and concerns for the well being of the West children. Information they were able to disclose to Police was enough to set the alarm bells ringing… From then on a full investigation was underway.

On August 6, 1992, police arrived at 25 Cromwell Street with a search warrant to look for pornography and evidence of child abuse. They found enormous amounts of pornography and arrested Rose for assisting in the rape of a minor. Fred was also arrested for the rape and sodomy of a minor. Not long after these arrests, there were reports of police being seen at 25 Cromwell Street, digging up the back garden.

The Trial Begins…

Rose West went to trial on October 3, 1995. A number of witnesses testified to Rose’s evil sadistic sexual assaults on young women. The jury took very little time to find Rose guilty of the murders and the judge  sentenced her to life imprisonment for each of the ten murders.

Jackie Storer, a BBC Press Reporter expresses what it was like to cover the “trial of the century”. For seven harrowing weeks my colleagues and I sat and listened to the most incredible story of depravity, sexual obsession and sheer evilness. None of us had any idea about how bad it was really going to be, and how much those poor girls suffered. Over and over again I kept thinking “There can’t be anything else, I have heard the most evil things I am ever going to hear.” But there would be more, much, much more.

Rose Wests minimum sentence was 25 years for the murder of 10 women. However, the home secretary later decided that she would serve a whole life sentence.  Rose West announced in 2001 that she intended to stay in prison for the rest of her life and had abandoned all of her appeals.

You May Ask…

How could any human inflict so much pain on another human, let alone to your own flesh and blood?

Why didnt anyone staying at the house suspect something what was going on?


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