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Valmae Faye Beck – Watched her Husband rape and murder a 12yo girl

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Having been married for almost a year, Beck 44 and Watts 34, wanted to some how bring some excitementValmae Beck back into their marriage. Watts told Beck of fantasies he had about raping and killing a young virgin.  He told his wife his desire to be “the first and last” sexual partner of a young girl. Beck, obsessed with her husband agreed to go along with him.

Barrie Watts“Ok” said Watts “Today is the day.” Within minutes, on the afternoon of November 27, 1987,  a beautiful, bright, blond 12-year-old schoolgirl Sian Kingi, from Noosa was innocently riding her bike home from school, when she was abducted by two Evil monsters from Queensland Valmae Fay Beck and Barrie John Watts. Beck a short, stocky rough looking woman, stopped Sian and asked about a fictitious, lost puppy. Watts immediately grabbed her from behind,  taped up her mouth and arms and dragged her into the car.  They then drove abouForest at Tinbeerwaht 12klms away to a very secluded forest in the hinterland of  Tinbeerwah.

An old quilt was then carefully laid on the ground in preparation for this most callous and depraved act to such an innocent young victim.  A very terrified Sian was then repeatedly stabbed, raped, sodomized,  and strangled by Watts. If that was not enough he then cut her throat, threw her into the bush, while his cowardly wife, a mother of six, watched on.

Six days later, a fruit picker discovered Sian Kingis mutilated body, still dressed in her Year Seven Sunshine Beach School uniform, in a creek bed. A nationwide search was underway. Within two weeks Beck was arrested, questioned and openly confessed to police where she had hidden the knife, rope and quilt that was used at the scene. Watts reportedly told Beck in secretly taped conversations between the two while they awaited their court hearing: “I’d like to do it again. You wanted it as well. You wanted to do it again.Sian Kingi

“During the trial Beck told a stunned court that Sian” never cried, never shed a tear (she was) a brave little girl, she never uttered a peep, she just did everything he told her”.

Valmae Faye Beck was tried, plead guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment for murder, ten years for rape and three years for deprivation of liberty. Barry John Watts however, pleaded not guilty, and was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder, fifteen years for rape and three years for deprivation of liberty. The sentencing judge at Watts’s trial described him as “a thoroughly evil man devoid of any sense of morality” and recommended he never be released.
Police were hoping to get a death-bed confession from Beck about three unsolved Brisbane murders of young women. However, the police were unable to obtain this information as she died at 6:15 pm, on 27 May 2008, without having regained consciousness.

Watts still remains in prison”

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11 Responses to “Valmae Faye Beck – Watched her Husband rape and murder a 12yo girl”

  • Uncle Peter:

    The low life mongrel Watts has been bashed and sodomised with barbed wire while in prison. Boo hoo, the bastard needs to have his throat cut.

  • Julie Anne:

    These 2 are as evil as they come.. Dirty fucking scumbags!!

  • skip:

    when are we going to bring back CAPITAL PUNISHMENT ? … in some cases IT IS A MUST !!!!!

  • Karen P:

    Capital punishment does seem absolutely necessary in these cases. I live in Texas where so many of your notoroious Australian serial killers would undoubtly be executed without question. Of course they still have 10 years or so during the appeals process to experience a conversion. But if it’s a true conversion of heart, I sincerely doubt they would be asking for parole after committing such heinous crimes.

  • brian:

    In 1992 was a prison officer looking after Watts I was also unlucky enough to read the transcript from his trial which included the coroners report on what he “actually did”. He had bragged to other prisoners about what he had done and gave them his trial transcript to read. Once they saw what was in it they beat him while in he was his cell one day. I was first to his cell and I saw the result of the attacks on him. he was beaten stupid and scared to the point that he actually shit in his pants ! There was blood all over the cell floor from a gaping wound above his eye and he actually had foot prints with the clearly visible sole prints all over his back why would you want this sort of thing to come to an end for him. I hope he lives for a long time to come and he is always wondering when he will next be attacked. Why end his days of anguish and pain.

  • ben:

    this woman was a very disturbing person. This is a case where I dont care what the person’s defense is-THEY DESERVE TO GET CAPITAL PUNISHMENT

  • S.Scarlett:

    I seen first hand at the age of 16 how Val lived it up in prison, and after I found out what she had done “including all the grewsome horrifiying details “not made known to the public” it made meh completely sick to my stomach liturley! … Including the fact I ate her food….
    Val’s room had everything from pink fluffy pillows/dream catchers, pink everything, double bed to a tv…. She had it made after she was moved to a protection correctional centre in NQ… There simply, in my mind was no justice for the victims family what so ever.!!!.. How dare someone so terrible and sick be protected from our gov, they should have left her in the first correctional centre ‘bris’ and made her put up with all the pain/suffering she was deserved “taste her own medicine’ God knows that little girl wasn’t spared nor given any choice of protection….
    Since I saw with my own eyes.. Ive realized just how screwed up our justice system is!…. And how I wish it would change.

  • kylea:

    yes i agree with brian let the bastard cop that every day for the rest of his life i would wish that at least once a week he is bought to near death suffer you pig of a man

  • Ethan:

    Sian Kingi was a beautiful girl that didn’t deserve to have her life taken away by those things i don’t even have bad enough words to describe those pair they are evil fucking scumbags!!! God Bless Sian you will be dearly missed <3

  • A King:

    I was in the same prison as Beck in NQ. ( not a protective correctional centre)
    We were told by staff that nothing was to happen to her.
    Anyone that laid a hand on her was put in DU ( detention unit, like america’s solitary)
    After several stints in DU, one tends to just steer clear and ignore her.
    She def had priveleges, don’t know why, and best jobs.
    Would try take newbies under her wing till they realised who she was.
    Don’t even want to try and understand her and her suck act.
    An innocent soul so traumatically taken, how can a mother do that!

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    I bookmarked it.

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