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Gail Beazleigh- Is she an evil daughter

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Gail Beazleigh -  December 31,  2000

The perfect family life Gail Beazleigh always wished for. One built on a solid foundation of love, trust and happiness. A mother and a father whom she could look up to for full protection whilst in their care.. Two parents she could admire for their strength, loyalty and reliability. Their commitment of balancing their work and home life, could have helped her thrive on their love through the most precious years of her life.

Studies have shown the most crucial learning years of a child’s life are the first four years. This is where the personality develops for good or evil. So our example as parents plays a big part in guiding our children into becoming mature responsible adults. Inculcating into them the importance of being reliable and honest when dealing with their own important issues. Children need constant reminders of praise and encouragement to help build their own self esteem.

This perfect family in which Gail Beazleigh yearned for was in non existence. Her family was filled with conflict, misbehavior, and often abuse on the part of certain individual members. These incidents occurred continually and regularly, leading other members to turn a blind eye to such actions. She grew up with the understanding that such a family was quite normal. A very dysfunctional family based on constant sexual abuse from her father ( Edward Earl Savage) from the tender age of five. She was first raped at the age of thirteen, and when she was only 17 her father began to drug her coffee, so she would pass out. Upon waking she would find her father, raping her once again. Years of being molested, caused feelings of embarrassment and despair. Feelings she could not tell anyone with the fear of it being turned upon her. All these things drove Gail Beazleigh to attempt suicide many times, but proving unsuccessful.

She recalls on many occasions telling family members she wished her father was dead, but couldn’t bring herself to explain her disgust she had towards him. Her extreme hatred came to a head, the morning of July 17th 2000. Upon arriving to pick up her father to take him to the eye specialist, he once again tried to force himself upon his daughter, asking her for sex in exchange for money. Upon her refusal Edward Savage threatened to report her to welfare as an unfit mother, this would result in loosing all her three precious daughters, This infuriated her! On returning from their trip to the optometrist, Gail decided to prepare a tasty sandwich for her father little did he know it was spiked with drugs. In desperation she hurried of to tell her boyfriend Patrick Martin her horrifying ordeal. After a long discussion Gail Beazleigh and Patrick Martin conjures up a scheme to teach her father Edward Savage a long awaited lesson. Edward needed to be terrorized to the point where he would never be game to hurt his daughter ever again for as long as she lived.


Gail didn’t flinch an eyelid at the thought of her boyfriend knocking her father around a little. This was her only chance to get back at him, without her having to do it herself. Little did she know this scare tactic turned into a very gruesome crime scene. Upon returning to her fathers home she found him face down, with his hands tied behind his back, a bag over his head and his throat cut.

When interviewed by police, Gail Beazleigh stated “I was only aware that my boyfriend Patrick Martin was only going to bash my father, not kill him”. Gail Beazleigh pleaded not guilty to murdering her father 51yo Edward Earl Savage. On the other hand her boyfriend Patrick Martin did plead guilty on all counts of murdering her father.

All the hatred, anger and resentment that had built up inside her soul, needed to be released. His death would have given her a sense of satisfaction knowing he would have gone through emotions of fear and anguish, just like he had put her through all those years. This may in time bring her relief and a sense of calmness. A life of tranquility and deep love that may enable her to show to her own three daughters. A love she never knew, a love that was taken away from her at such an early age. She was robbed as a little girl, to know what it was really like to feel truly cherished.

Gail Beazleigh is continuing her jail term at Numinbah Correctional Centre in the Gold Coast Hinterlands which is a low security environment for women prisoners. This is the same centre Tracey Wigginton ( female vampire killer ) had been released from about a month ago. Rumors have it that Gail Beazleigh and Tracey Wigginton became lovers whilst serving time together in Numinbah.

Was Gail Beazleigh an evil daughter? Or was she just an innocent helpless victim, driven by rage and hatred towards her father, for stealing her childhood away from her? That is for you, the reader, to decide.

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