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Tracey Wigginton – The Lesbian Vampire Killer

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Tracey Wigginton – Born 1965 and a self confessed female VAMPIRE..

Tracey Wigginton

On the evening of October 20, 1989 a middle-aged council worker, Edward Baldock 47, was on his way home from drinking with his mates,  when he was approached by a vehicle with 4 women inside, Tracey Wigginton and lesbian lover Lisa Ptaschinski along with 2 female friends, Kim Jervis and Tracey Waugh. Taking advantage of the state of his intoxication, one of the women,  lured  him into their car.


They proceeded to drive to a park on the Brisbane River near the South Brisbane Sailing Club at West End.  It was at this location one of the women namely Tracey Wigginton, enticed the man from the vehicle with the promise of sexual favors. Instead what followed was a gruesome attack that left the man with so many stab wounds to the back and chest, he was virtually decapitated. The crime was not over until Wigginton drank his blood. His body was discovered early next morning by members of the public.  Found in one of the victims shoes was a cash card bearing the name of Tracey Wigginton. This led to the early arrest of all four women.

During the trial,


Tracey Wigginton, a self confessed female vampire, told the jury she did not live on solid food but that of pigs and cows blood which she obtained from the local butcher. On quite a number of occasions Wiggintons lover Lisa Ptaschinski said she would slit her wrists so that Wigginton could drink  her blood. Based on her obsession for human blood, all 4 women schemed up a plan to kill an innocent victim in order for Tracey Wigginton to have her craving of blood satisfied.

It was this information elicited by police as well as their confessions in the interest of the occult and vampires which led to this homocide being referred to as “The Vampire Murder”.

The Verdict

Tracey Wigginton and lover Lisa Ptaschinski were both sentenced to life imprisonment.  The other 2 women involved Kim Jervis was sentenced to 18 years jail for manslaughter later reduced to 12 years, and Tracey Waugh was acquitted after her defence barrister argued she had played no active role in the murder and had tried to stop Jervis from taking part.

Tracey Wigginton the real life female Vampire!

Tracey Wigginton Update 2011:

Tracey Wigginton is now serving her last days in low security at Numinbah Correctional Centre located 100 kilometers south of Brisbane, in the picturesque Gold Coast This is the view that tracey wakes up to every morningHinterlands. Numinbah accommodates for up to 25 female prisoners, encouraging a rehabilitation program that prepares prisoners for release back into the community under the supervision of the prison team. Rehabilitation is a high priority at Nunimbah, offering education and vocational training that will improve their own abilities. All vocational programs offered by the department are nationally accredited, so that after release they have a high chance of finding job placement.


Tracey Wigginton has now been released from prison and will be serving the rest of her life on parole

Should be given a 2nd chance?

Tracey WIGGINTON latest Update 12/01/12

Tracey Wigginton was released from the low-security Numinbah prison farm at 6.30am on Tuesday 11th January 2012. According to a spokesman for the Department of Corrective Services, she was then taken to private accomadation.
Conditions of her parole, is that she make no contact with any of her co-offenders or the victim’s family. She is also prohibited in any way of making financial gain by selling her story to any media organisations.
Read more:

Lesbian vampire killer released – Video

The Tracey Wigginton Transcript from the Mental Health Tribunal


Friday 13/01/12 -  At 4.30pm  John Scott from  4BC Radio Station interviews the arresting officer of  Tracey Wigginton.

This afternoon John Scott from radio station 4BC interviewed Nick Samios the arresting officer of Tracey Wigginton:

Is it fair to say that after such a horrendous crime, Tracey Wigginton should be allowed back into the community? Nick Samios replied “Tracey has done her time, she has been through the system and the Parole board have no plans on returning Tracey Wigginton back to prison”. She has been placed in a half way house in a suburb within the Gold Coast region.

Relatives of the deceased Edward Buldock told the media, that they were not even informed of Tracey Wigginton’s release, but had to find out by other people and also through the media. Nick Samios expressed his sadness and extreme disappointment for the Buldock’s family.

Asked about the night of the incident, Nick Samios informed John Scott that, “The investigation was conducted very orderly and quickly, taking only eighteen hours before Tracey was arrested and taken into custody”. He then went on to say, “That the way this murder took place was horrifying. An innocent man lured to a car by Tracey and her two friends, they then drove down towards the sailing club at West End, slit his throat, then began to drink his blood. This occurrence was so shocking to the people of Brisbane, that it caused much uncertainty and nervousness within the city for a very long time”.

Asked about his time with Tracey Wigginton on the night of the arrest, Nick Samios responded, “I spent between 14-16 hours with Tracey”. John Scott then asked, “How would you describe Tracey as a person”?  “She was a very confident person, having an answer for everything, although denying the case at first, as the day went on and more evidence came forth Tracey felt remorseful and pleaded guilty”, Nick said.

John Scott asked about the other two women that were involved in the murder, and if they also deserved as much time in jail as Tracey. Nick responded by saying, “A combination of 55 prison years, were served by the three of them”. Asked if he thought this had been a planned event Samios concluded, ” this was just a random event, in which a harmless man was baited into their car, then driven away to his death”.

 Unfortunately, these kinds of people are released from prison sooner or later, with many concerns from everyone involved. Tracey has paid for her wrong doing, by being imprisoned for eighteen years. She has wasted the most exciting years of her life, by being in jail. On the other hand what about the family of Edward Buldock? How must they feel knowing this very evil lady that killed  their family member can now enjoy the rest of her life free?

 Has the Parole Board got it right? Should these kinds of people be released from prison, and allowed back into the community?



If you want to send a letter to Tracey Wigginton send to this address courtesy of  ” The Gold Coast Bulletin”


The Vampire LadyTracey Wiggington on Friday the 13th of January 2012

Wardoo Street


Gold Coast

Queensland  4215

We don’t have the number of the Townhouse but I’m sure the postman will know what number the house is!


FREED lesbian vampire killer Tracey Wigginton will cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars a year for the rest of her life, with no boss willing to take the risk of employing her.

Read More Here:

FOR the first time, the brutal details of how lesbian vampire killer, Tracey Wigginton, hunted and methodically slayed a Brisbane father have been revealed.

The Gold Coast Bulletin has obtained Wigginton’s official police interview, in which Wigginton, then 23, confessed to killing Edward Baldock on a Brisbane riverbank on October 21, 1989.

After serving 22 years for the murder, Wigginton, now 46, was released from prison on January 11. She is living in Southport.

On the night of the murder Wigginton and three friends, including her lesbian lover, lured the drunk Mr Baldock, 47, into their car at Kangaroo Point with the promise of sex.

Days before they had hatched a sinister plan to kill a man so Wigginton, a “vampire” who had been living on animal blood, could “feed”.

Mr Baldock’s naked body was found in West End’s Orleigh Park the next morning, his head almost decapitated. He had been stabbed 27 times.

In the chilling interview, Wigginton said she “felt nothing” as she stabbed Mr Baldock and sat smoking a cigarette as she watched him die.

“I walked around behind him , I took my knife out of my back pocket, he asked me what I was doing, I said nothing and stabbed him,” Wigginton told detectives.

“He went up to grab my hand. I pushed his hand down, withdrew the knife, and stabbed him in the side of the neck, I stabbed him in the other side of the neck, and I continuously stabbed him.

“I then grabbed him by the hair on his head and pulled back, stabbed him in the front of the throat and at that stage he was still alive.”

After watching Mr Baldock die, Wigginton said she went down to the nearby Brisbane River to wash her knife, hands and arms.

Wigginton said as he was driven to his death with Prince’s Batdance blaring on the stereo, Mr Baldock held her hand. She “presumed he was lonely”.

The confession was never released because Wigginton entered a guilty plea to the murder. As a result, few details of the crime were revealed during her 1991 sentencing, which lasted just nine minutes.

Wigginton has since denied allegations of vampirism and expressed remorse for the murder.

However, she had shown the propensity to lie.

In her first interview with police Wigginton said: “I couldn’t kill a person. I can’t even kill chooks.”

Pat Glancy, who fronted the investigation into Wigginton’s brutal 1989 murder of Brisbane father Edward Baldock, said the vampire killer showed no remorse for the murder.

“The only thing she was sorry about was that she got caught,” he said.

Mr Glancy, 71, is not convinced the community is safe from her.

“She’s no fool. To be honest, I’m not convinced she’s as sick as she makes out and I don’t agree with her release,” he said. “Put it this way — I wouldn’t want her living next to me.”


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8 Responses to “Tracey Wigginton – The Lesbian Vampire Killer”

  • John:

    Even though she apparently assaulted a guard and prison guard a few years ago the parole board has now released her into the community.

    Charles Manson has never seen the light of day since he got convicted. I bet he wishes he was in Australia. He would have got released decades ago.

  • Karren Loves Tracey:

    Of course she should be given a 2nd chance, Shes done the time for the crime, leave her alone! Hey TRACEY VAMPIRES ARE SUCH A TURN ON!! Love you Sweety ;)

  • joan:

    I don’t think she should have been let out, with what she did to that poor man. A life wasted just for a bit of fun for the night. How disgusting!

  • Peta Lee:

    My mother (sharon hughes) did time with tracey in boggo road womens prison n i have met tracey many years ago when i visited my mum in jail n she is a awesome chick….nothing like u guys are sayin she is…. some people make mistakes but they learn from it n tracey has served her time… Love u tracey xx :)

  • PetaIsAFuckwit:

    Your an Idiot Peta if you think what Tracey the Evil Wgginton did was a mistake.. People do make mistakes.. But what Tracey did was not a mistake but premeditated murder you fool.. And if you think she is an awesome chick you need your head read your wacko

  • Peta:

    Yea she is a awesome chick and what????? Have u ever met her??? I think not because if u did then u would STFU :) look at yourself so mature with the name calling LOL pathetic! At least i can put my name :) Muah xx

  • Tracy:

    Hey John,
    I was actually there and I can tell you right now she didn’t assault another inmate at all, she was talking to her about doing her job and if she can’t handle it then she needs to let her know so she could get someone to help her….. the inmate in question admitted later that she made it up because she wanted to go back to Brisbane woman’s because her lover was there……People should worry about there owns lives and leave Tracey alone to get on with her’s…..Good Luck Tracey

  • Dibba:

    Tracy, it’s easy to say that Tracey should be left alone to live her own life but unfortunately her actions mean that Mr Baldock never got to live out his life and the lives of his family members and friends were forever tainted.
    Where is the compassion for them?

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