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Con artist Mother – Faked her sons illness to get money

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An evil and cruel mother claimed $250,000 in benefits by pretending her son was “one of the sickest children in Britain”, giving him false medication and forcing him to have needless surgery and treatment, at three different hospitals during a six year charade.

Posing as a qualified nurse this woman conned the British royal family and celebrities as she claimed benefits to spend on holidays and home improvements. Her son also appeared on national television and in magazines, even meeting with Camilla Parker Bowles because of his illness. Dozens of children’s charities also gave her freebies including a new car, tickets to see the X Factor and a cruise in Tenerife.

She conned paediatricians into believing he needed a wheelchair fitted with oxygen bottles and maintained that he had to be fed through a tube into his stomach. Doctors, who were never able to identify the mystery illness, finally agreed to operate on the boy fitting him with a permanent feeding tube. He was only four years old when this procedure took place.

The mother claimed he had cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, dysphagia, [a throat disorder] and was extremely allergic to many different types of foods. She spiked his urine samples with glucose to fool tests, to help convince medics her son was also a diabetic. Yet out of the public eyes, the boy was allowed to run free and eat foods he was supposedly allergic to. This was all captured on videos found by investigators after the family’s home in Devon was searched.

Friday October 23rd 2009, at Exeter Crown Court she admitted perverting the course of justice and child cruelty. She will be sentenced in the New Year. Judge Stephen Wildblood QC indicated the mother will face a jail term of no more than three years and three months.

‘This little boy was made out to be the sickest kid in Britain. Yet all the time it was his evil mother who was the sickest person around.’
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