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Marie Noe – Murdered 8 of her children

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Marie Noe is an American woman who was charged in August 1998 with murdering eight of her children betweenMarie Noe 2 1949 and 1968, eight of the ten Noe children died of mysterious causes which were then attributed to sudden infant death syndrome. All eight children were healthy at birth and were developing normally. All of whom died between the ages of two weeks and 14 months. (The remaining two children died of natural causes.) Noe admitted to smothering four of the children and accepted a plea bargain in June 1999 which sentenced her to twenty years’ probation and psychiatric study.

Richard Allan Noe Born March 7th 1949,
Died that same year. He wouldn’t even reach his first birthday. The death certificate listed congenital heart failure as the cause of death. Yet Noe later confessed. “He was always crying and he couldn’t tell me what was bothering him. He just kept crying. There was a pillow under his head so I took my hand and pressed his face down into the pillow until he stopped moving.”

Richard Allen and Elizabeth Noe's burried together

Elizabeth Mary Noe Born September 8th 1950,
Also  died before her first birthday. Noe said Elizabeth was in her bassinet. “I put her on her back, and then I took a pillow from the bed and put it over her face and suffocated her. She was squirming, being a lot stronger than Richard was, she was fighting when the pillow was over her face. I held the pillow there until she stopped moving.”

Jacqueline Noe Born April 23rd 1952,
The cause of death was listed as “choking on vomit”.

Arthur Joseph Jr. Noe Born April 23rd 1955,
Named after his father, he too would perish, a victim of ” bronco pneumonia”.

Constance Noe Born February 24th 1958,
Her death was listed as undetermined presumed natural. Noe said, “I was trying to train her on how to sit up in the chair. I don’t know why, but then I took a pillow and laid her down on the chair, and I suffocated her.” Constance died after only 1 month of being born.

Letitia Noe stillborn at the hospital August 24th 1959,
Cause of death was umbilical cord knot. Letitia was one of only two Noe infant children to actually died a “natural” death.

Mary Lee Noe Born June 19th 1962,
She would live all of six months before being killed. At the time of Mary Lee’s murder, Marie was already three months pregnant with baby number eight.

Theresa Noe,
Died in hospital, six hours after birth on June 1963 – The cause of death was due to blood abnormalities, the second of the two infants to die of natural causes.

Catherine E. Noe Born December 3rd 1964,
This baby would live the longest, but sadly, she too would be killed by her mother a short three months after her first birthday.

Arthur Joseph Jr (#2) Born July 28th 1967,
Referred to as Little Arty. He went home from the hospital at five months old and died three months later. Marie Noe was given a hysterectomy after the birth of Little Arty due to medical reasons.

Under repeated questioning about the death of her children Marie Noe now had no choice but to admit to the killings.

It was March 1998 when she gave it up. Noe told police that she had used pillows to kill at least three of her children. But she could not explain why. “All I can figure is that I’m ungodly sick,” she told detectives. “I never had the money to get help, and I didn’t know where to go for help anyway.”

On August 5, 1998, she was arrested for eight counts of murder. She eventually confessed to smothering four of  her children. The other four she wasn’t clear about. She didn’t remember how they died, although investigative reports at the time quote her saying “just before they died the children turned blue and were gasping for air”.

Studies showed Noe suffered from “MPD” (mixed-personality disorder). The psychiatrist at the time Dr John O’Brien, ruled out any neurological problems. The judge ordered she placed on house arrest and continue being counseled.

In 1999 Noe was sentenced to 20 years of probation, beginning with 5 years of house arrest. Part of the sentencing agreement was that she have intensive psychological testing to understand how a mother could be so evil to have such a demonic behavior.

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