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Dorothea Puente – Old lady who killed men

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Dorothea_PuenteDorothea Puente was an elderly woman who ran a boarding house for alot of unfortunate homeless people. Many of her lodgers were either drunken bums, or Schizophrenics. During her years in the house she slowly murdered each person who lived with her one by one. (Police believes she could of murdered up to 25 men) She would then forge their signatures on social security cheques in order to live the high life. She refused to allow her tenants to use the phone or receive their mail. Any money sent to them she would keep and only give them what they needed and kept the Dorothea Puentemajority for herself. The money she stole helped pay for luxury clothing and perfume as well as a face lift she had shortly before she was arrested. Dorothea Puente showed no remorse for her crimes and is currently serving time in jail where she will die.

Video about this evil old lady below..

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